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Trailer Towing Guides 

Knowing the maximum weight your vehicle manufacturer recommends for towing is important in helping you find a trailer that will provide a safe and comfortable towing experience.

Be sure to check our annual tow rating guides, compiled from all major vehicle manufacturer's recommendations, as well as some great information on choosing a tow vehicle, essential equipment, trailer brakes and more. Adobe reader is required to view the guides.

Trailer Hitch Basics

Proper hitch equipment is vital to ensuring safety and comfort while towing your trailer or fifth wheel, and Curtis Trailers has many years of experience helping people safely connect trailers to vehicles.  In general, recreation vehicle trailering is done with three basic hitch types:  weight carrying, weight distributing and fifth wheel.

Weight Carrying

The simplest style of hitch, with all of the trailer's tongue weight bearing on the hitch at the rear of the towing vehicle.  This is suitable for towing trailers with relatively light hitch weights, typically under 300 pounds. Folding tent trailers commonly use this method.

Weight Distributing

This method is the most frequently used with RV travel trailers to help compensate for the higher hitch weights typical on a full sized unit.  Torsion bars are used to redistribute a portion of the hitch weight toward the front axle of the towing vehicle, helping to keep the ride level and improving traction to the front wheels for better braking and steering control while towing.  This method is often accompanied by the use of a sway control device.

Fifth Wheel

Fifth wheel style trailers use a special hitch that is mounted in the cargo area of a pickup or flat bed truck, usually directly above or slightly ahead of the rear axle.  This allows for even higher hitch weights to be carried, which is why many of the largest trailers are only offered in this style.  A special sliding hitch is used for proper clearance if your truck bed is less than 8 feet long.

Trailer Brakes

A trailer brake controller is installed in the towing vehicle to activate the electric brake systems used by most travel trailers and fifth wheels.  There are several styles, but all are designed to automatically apply the trailer brakes when the vehicle brakes are used.  It will also allow manual braking of the trailer if desired.

Use Our Experience!

Our staff will help you get the most out of your RV experience by helping you choose the right hitch and brake systems based on your tow vehicle, trailer size and weight, and your individual style.  You'll be safely on the road in no time with no worries, ready to enjoy the great outdoors! 

RV Learning Center

In this area we have put together some helpful information relating to selecting, setting up and maintaining your Recreational Vehicle. Listed below you'll find articles that describe the highlights of the different styles of RVs that we offer, tips and tricks for the new and experienced RVer as well as our Brand Central section, which is a collection of pages - each focusing on one of the many towable RV brands that Curtis Trailers has to offer. Check this section regularly for new material and products, and see why Curtis Trailers is one of the Northwest's top dealers for towable RVs. 

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