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History of Curtis Trailers

The Early Years: History of Curtis Trailers



After serving in World War II, Myron Curtis and his wife Betty moved to Portland, Oregon. They purchased a 16 foot Pierce house trailer to live in. In 1947 they bought property on the south side of Powell Boulevard at SE 102nd and began building a small home.
1948 - 1952


They sold their first trailer and bought a larger one to live in. Soon after they purchased an army surplus trailer which Myron repaired and painted. It was sold to finance two more which were also reconditioned and sold, and a business was born.


Excited about the concept of vacationing in a travel trailer, Myron decided to try custom trailer building. The “Curtis Cruiser” was a 15 foot travel trailer designed and built by Myron and Betty.


The family bought property on the north side of Powell (part of the present location) and moved their small business across the street. The Curtis Cruiser was finally finished and sold. Finding the trailer building process costly and time consuming, Myron set out to find an independent manufacturer. He returned with a Lakewood travel trailer and became one of Oregon’s first franchised dealers.
1958 - 1960 - 1964


By now there were a few other trailer dealers in the area, and they got together at the Gateway Shopping Center for their first annual trailer show. Pickup campers were a new idea and were added to the inventory.


A new building was constructed at 10177 SE Powell blvd to accommodate the growing business.


Property was purchased in Aloha, Oregon and another sales lot was added to serve the growing west side area.